Cupping Therapy

Support your body’s healing process.

Cupping therapy can provide deeper relief by stimulating your body’s ability to remove toxins and boost blood flow. Make an appointment for cupping with Mobile Om to experience the results it delivers. We offer convenient cupping therapy services at your location or in our therapist’s home.

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What to Expect in Your
Cupping Therapy Appointment

Cupping therapy is an ancient type of deep-tissue treatment that has been used for more than twenty-five hundred years and has proven effective in helping to improve blood flow to areas of chronic tension or pain. Cupping therapy consists of placing cups on the body and forming a vacuum on the skin, which expands your blood vessels while gently making the skin rise upward.

The Benefits of Cupping Therapy
The suction and negative pressure found in cupping therapy can loosen muscles, assist with myofascial release, aide in the removal of toxins, encourage blood flow, sedate the nervous system, and open meridians, providing greater energy flow. Additionally, some research suggests that cupping can be effective in aiding skin conditions and pain management.

Cupping Therapy is Ideal For:
Pain management, toxin removal, and chronic tension.
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