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Mobile Om, founded by Tony Clarkprovides therapeutic, rehabilitative or relaxing massage services to Scranton, Wilkes-Barre, and NEPA communities.

Getting a massage doesn't have to involve making a trip out of your way, hunting down parking, and facing the delays and frustrations of traffic when you can schedule a session that fits your needs, in the comfort of your home office or hotel.

You should also be able to build a professional relationship with your therapist- rather than discovering that your preferred therapist has been booked for the day or week, thus  finding yourself being handed over to a therapist you may not even know.

Give yourself the opportunity to discover the difference that a professional, in-home massage session with a trusted therapist can make in your life.

Transporting Therapy and Transcendence

-to your door-

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Jessica C

I am a massage junkie and have probably had massages from every massage therapist in this county, and Tony is the best I have found. I also love that he makes house calls. I love being able to have a massage in the comfort of my own home. Who wants to get in a car and drive home after a relaxing massage?!”

Jessica C Mobile Om Review Photo

Glenn C

Excellent Massage Therapy for Active People. I’m not a spring chicken so after a long bike ride or even short run my legs and back tighten up and get sore. Tony does a great job in loosening muscles and relieving tension in my legs, and does so efficiently and with great skill. Professional atmosphere and very knowledgeable.”

Glenn C Mobile Om Review Photo

Rosalyn O

When my doctor recommended massage therapy for my chronic migraines, I thought she was crazy. How could a massage help what years of medicine could not? I am happy to say that I was 100% wrong in that assumption. After just a few visits with Tony, I am feeling much better. He is not only skilled at the art of massage, but Tony really cares about each of his clients and their well being. Whether he is offering stretching tips, posture demonstrations, or offering to fit you in at a moments notice because he knows you are in pain. I am very glad I found Tony and am looking forward to not being a zombie on multiple medications because of his healing hands.”

Rosalyn Mobile Om Review Photo

Alan K

Tony helped me while on tour with Riverdance and was an incredible masseuse and friend. He has an amazing understanding of the human anatomy and always got me in tip top shape to perform at the highest level. I would recommend him to everyone. He is also a really calming person if want to have a really relaxed time or can go hard for those like me who are looking for a deep sports massage.”

Alan K Mobile Om Review Photo

Gary D

Tony‘s skills as a massage therapist are unparalleled. Professional and very attentive to helping ease specific aches and pains while putting the whole body at ease. Relief is total, going beyond muscular to include a mental and emotional calm. I would Very highly recommend him!”

Gary D Mobile Om Review Photo

Renea K

Excellent massage! Really knows his muscles! Very impressed with Tony!”

Renea K Mobile Om Review Photo

Angela K

I was in bad shape when I went for my first appointment with Tony..my back was a mess! I have never had ANYONE that used so many techniques for different problem areas. The relief that I felt after seeing him was incredible. He even took the time to show me stretches afterward that would help with my specific problems. I recommend him to everyone!!”

Angela K Mobile Om Review Photo

Maggie H

Being a cosmetologist, I have done many trades amongst my coworkers, especially massages. With that being said, I have never met Tony and had my first experience in February. He was by far the best massage I have ever had. Strong hands that understood your body…your muscles, bones, stress points everything! He was beyond professional and completely educated in the body. He let me know ways I could in prove (ie. Yoga, stretching, posture). I will never go to anyone else again!”

Maggie H Mobile Om Review Photo

Catherine H

Tony has experience like no other. His knowledge about how to keep your body and mind health has help me make better decisions about my health. He is always on time and is very friendly. He took the time to talk to me about my pain issues from across the state. Thanks Tony I would highly recommend he to anyone.”

Catherine H Mobile Om Review Photo

Mark K

Tony Clark gave me the best massage of my life! I have been privileged to travel to several fine hotels and spas, and while I have had several excellent massages, Tony’s skill was on a whole different level. At every point he was ensuring my comfort; he made the environment so relaxing and the experience so suited to my needs. The first thing he did with my shoulders was something I had never experienced that felt amazing! He used lotions or oils that totally enhanced the experience. His strength on the deep tissue massage was beyond compare; what a difference! I felt pain-free, refreshed, energized and so relaxed. I can’t wait to go back.”

Mark K Mobile Om Review Photo

Martin G

Toured with him around the world with Riverdance, the Show. He helped me a lot with my back pain and his therapy was simply amazing after the long working hours we had during the tour. Not only his healing hands are helpful, he also knows when his patient needs a good conversation or when it’s better to enjoy the silence. Can only recommend him.”

Martin Mobile Om Review Photo

Anja V

Tony is a master of his craft, great knowledge of the body, great Neuromuscular massage & pain management therapy, and he always make you feel at ease and cared for.

Anja V Mobile Om Review Photo

Lee H

I am just back from vacation and while I was away I had the pleasure of having a massage with Tony. I can honestly say I have never felt so relaxed with his professionalism and the massage it’s self was just amazing I was so relaxed I needed to be peeled of the plinth. He found the areas that held my tension and worked them with ease I can honestly say if you want a professional massage from a professional then Tony is your man.”

Mobile Om Massage Review